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[DC/04] Another Risk [Yesung/Henry, PG-13], Drabble

Prompt 4. Engines, "when the clock strikes". Yesung/Henry
Rating: PG-13 | Genre: minor!Drama, Romance | Disclaimer: I don't own them, SME does. Plot is mine. | Summary: He won't allow any chances for his love to expire - even if it means ending it before it can.

Warning: UN-BETA'D.

(“There’s no way for us to stay this passionately in love, is there?)
                                                                                                (. . .)

(What do we do if the expiration date on our love arrives?)
                                                                                    (It won’t ever-)

(How about this - after we pick up our photos in a bit, let’s break up.)
                                                                                                    (“And then...?”)

(“And then... maybe next time, you can find someone who will make you happy for once.”)

Yesung raises his eyes from the screen monitor, clenching his jaw as the race car speeds past the dugout area. To be honest, his player was doing good - great, in fact - but the very idea that his best racer would have conducted such an unsteady swerve on a surpassing merge irked him in so many ways he found it ridiculous.

Then again, that boy did many things he deemed reckless.

Not for a single moment after he met this boy has he ever been at peace. Perhaps, he thinks, that is why they have never worked out in any relationship existent; not as trainer and trainee, not as lover and loved and, most definitely, not friends.

They were so incompatible, in such compatible ways.

When the clock strikes, Yesung finds himself walking to the pit out of instinct. A face he anticipates seeing is waiting for him, but that face shows anything but aspiration to see his own. The pain creeps in his skin, forcing him to swallow a lump in his throat.

“Henry,” is what he first says.

The racer turns to face his trainer. “Yeah?”

Yesung clears his throat and crosses his arms over his chest. The past is the past, he tells himself. Now is not the time to hang onto old feelings. “You need to practice your blocking. You would have timed much better if you took the apex instead. At least try to think, would you?”

Henry purses his lips, eyes void of emotion, as he yanks his gloves off his fingers. As he walks past the older man, he throws the gloves to the hood of the car with a loud thud. “Sure thing, coach. I’ll keep that in mind next time.”

The monotonous reply hurts Yesung a little more than he should have allowed it to.

“Oh, one thing,” Henry adds, turning around, “try to keep your mind on the race, would you?”

Yesung chokes on the breath that he’d been holding. “What?”

The younger boy simply scoffs and shakes his head, heading to the resting area as he massages the back of his neck.

“Henry was trying to call you from the walkie.”

Eunhyuk, Henry’s assistant, found his way to Yesung’s side. He doesn’t seem surprised to find them arguing again; he never is.

“On his fourth round? Fifth? He didn’t know how he should have gone about the curve when number eight and eleven were blocking him from both sides,” Eunhyuk explains. “You didn’t reply.”

Yesung bit on his bottom lip. “They weren’t threats whatsoever. They’re inexperienced, Henry shouldn’t have had a pro-”

“Maybe he just wanted you to be there for him,” Eunhyuk suggested lightly. “Maybe he just wanted to be able to rely on you.”

The coach sighed, raking his fingers through his hair. “He’s the one that wanted to sever ties between us.”

“Is that what it was?” Eunhyuk laughs. “There are two sides to a coin, Yesung hyung.”

Before Yesung could get another word in, Eunhyuk shrugs and excuses himself. Yesung rubs his temples just as he starts running after Henry. Why did everything have to be so complicated? It was ridiculous.

“I didn’t mean to be so prude.”

The door to the room closed, and Yesung found himself standing face to face with Henry - with the boy who had been so keen on breaking up with him, despite all that they’d been through together all these years. “You weren’t.”

“I was frustrated,” Henry admitted honestly, “frustrated that you weren’t paying attention to me and my race - our race.”

Yesung smiled weakly. “You were being jealous of yourself.”

Henry narrowed his eyes.

“I was thinking about you,” Yesung confessed, looking into Henry’s eyes sincerely. “I was thinking about what you told me - how we couldn’t always stay passionately in love, how you wanted to break things off before we fell out of love.”

The young racer simply continued walking forward, until he stood right before Yesung.

Yesung reached out to stroke the boys cheek, smiling warmly in content. “Were you afraid?” He asked. “Were you afraid that I would grow tired of you and then toss you away?”

Henry closed his eyes and leaned his cheek into the touch, taking Yesung’s other hand with his own. Yesung had such warm, warm hands.

“I could never get tired of you, Henry,” Yesung furrows his brows in pain. “You’re a racer, your very life is on the gamble every race you participate in. Like the engine in your car, your presence roars louder than any other - so weak, so fragile, but so alive.”

“The thrill of possibly losing me,” Henry whispers against Yesung’s palm, “is that enough to always keep you by my side?”

Yesung shakes his head and leans in, closing the distance between them. Their lips meet softly, like cotton and clouds, like thin threads kneading themselves around their hearts - clasping them tightly, suffocating them.

When they part, Yesung’s hot breath lingers on Henry’s cheek. It makes him feel secure, solid.

“I don’t need any reason to stay beside you,” Yesung whispers against the soft of his skin. “I will always stay by your side, simply because I want to - because you’re you, and that’s what I love more than anything.”

Henry opens his eyes and meets directly with Yesung’s. “Even more than racing?”

“Even more than racing,” Yesung confirms.

And for the first time in a long time, Henry smiles, genuinely. He wraps his arms around Yesung and falls into the older mans chest. “It’s been so long,” Henry says, his forehead creasing, “so very, very long.”

Yesung nods into Henry’s shoulder and breathes in the boys scent, basking in his warmth.

When the clock strikes again, they pull apart and greet each other with smiling faces.

“Are you ready to take another risk?” Yesung asks.

Henry nods, taking a deep breath. “Always ready.”

“Good,” Yesung sighs. They walk to the door and head for the pit. Just before they reach the crew awaiting them, Yesung can see Henry tense beside him. He weaves their hands together and gives Henry a reassuring squeeze.

Henry glances over at him and gives him a light squeeze back.

Eunhyuk greets them with a knowing grin. “The check-ups on the car have been completed. All the prepping that’s left is for you to personally test it, Henry.”

“Thanks, hyung.”

The assistant shakes his head and heads back to the car.

“I’ve only just found that next person you told me about,” Yesung whispers against Henry’s ear, his lips grazing over the younger boys skin, “keep him safe for me, will you?”

Henry laughs and shoves Yesung away. “Just keep an eye on me, coach.”

Yesung smirks.

“Always have, always will.

[DC03: Minho/Victoria] ♦ [DC05: Leeteuk/Rainie]


A/N: Uhm... yeah.. >.> The opening "dialogue" is actually kind of taken from Fiona Sit's (薛凯琪) - 下次下次. I changed it up a tiny bit to match the fic... but yeah, this fic was inspired by that mv-ish. Thanks for reading!!
Tags: c: henry lau, c: yesung, pairing: yesung/henry
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